Slide Time Matters, Fast Activation in Panic Situations The World's Most Dependable Wireless Emergency Alert Systems Slide Wireless Emergency Alert System (WiLAS) Deliver Dependable, Loud, Easily Distinguished Lockdown, Evacuation and All Clear Alerts Slide Automated Track Worker Safety System (ATWS)

Timely Warnings Delivered to Track Workers to Reduce the Likelihood of Accidents

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Wireless Emergency Alert System (WiLAS)

Wireless Lockdown & Alert Siren System is an Australian developed emergency alert system for premises or workplace applications. It delivers loud, easily distinguished Lockdown, Evacuation and All Clear alerts for applications where fast response times are essential to minimise the risk of injury.

Benefits of WiLAS – Emergency Alert System:

  • No centralised master control panel
  • Easily heard siren tones
  • Customisable
  • Fast Installation
  • Expandable
  • No single point that can cause a system failure
  • Battery backup
  • Optional visual

Wireless Alert Beacon System (WiLERT)

Wireless Alert Beacon System is a ‘wirelessly’ networked, ‘wirelessly’ activated system comprising flashing warning beacons and wireless activation devices. The beacons are battery-powered, and the repeaters have battery back-up and will remain functional even in a mains power blackout.

Benefits of WiLert – Wireless Beacon System:

  • Bright, easily seen flashing warning lights
  • Wireless design
  • Fast Installation
  • Expandables
  • Customisable
  • Long life batteries easily replaced/recharged

Automated Track Worker Safety System (ATWS)

The Automated Track Worker Safety System can be used to keep track workers safe while completing track work on active railways. This system uses a sensor alert, once the train has passed the sensor the track workers will be notified of the advancing train from up to 500m away.

Components of ATWS – Track Worker Safety System:

  • Train Detector Unit – Triggers the warning system
  • Audio Visual Unit – Alerts Track Workers of approaching trains
  • Repeater Unit – Where necessary on longer stretches of track maintenance this can extend the signals range
  • Personal Alert Device – Will vibrate to warn the track worker
  • In-Vehicle Alert Device – Alerts utility vehicles of approaching train
  • System Monitoring Unit


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