Hazavoid Wireless Alarm System

WiLAS – Emergency System Overview

The WiLAS System is an Australian Made Wireless Alarm System created for your every need. With its fully flexible operation, it will accompany you every step of the way. The system is fully wireless and easy to install. The WiLAS system is loud and clear to ensure safety at all times. The aim of this innovation is to provide safer everyday operations. By reducing the reaction time of a few people, the lives of many can be saved.

No matter how careful one is, accidents still happen. Although not avoidable, there are ways to reduce their impact. Hazavoid is the world’s most reliable Wireless Alert Emergency System and will provide you with any solution.  

Features and Advantages

The WiLAS System then is fully customisable with three different alert system types: Evacuation, Lockdown, and All Clear. Users can choose a specific sound they want to play for their field and situation. 

Because it is wireless, the Alarm System does not need a central control panel. This means two things: not only is it quicker and cheaper to install, but it is also more reliable. Often, complicated technology can appear safer, but in reality, it is not suitable for the regular user.

The system can suit every situation, as well as any site since users can add any feature they prefer. May it be sirens, beacons, or remotes, Hazavoid will create a solution your perfect solution.

The battery has both a backup option and a solar power option, so users are never without protection. Not only is it low maintenance but it is also easy to install, whenever and wherever.

Components of the Wireless Alarm System

Wireless Remote control

The Remote control is the only tool users need to have with them to activate and change the Alarm System. The Remote has three light colors with each a different meaning: Green, Orange, and Red.

The Green light means the user is within the 300-meter perimeter and can trigger the System as needed. The Orange light means the Alarm Battery is low and needs to be either charged with solar panels or changed. The Red light means the Remote is too far from the site to activate.

Having the Wireless Remote is an essential step to safety as one can activate it without being at the center of the danger. WiLAS allows you to connect Wireless Alarms Systems together. In turn, this implies once the Wireless Remote triggers the closest Alarm, all of them are. 

The Wireless Remote Control exists in two versions: a regular 3 Siren System and a 4 Siren System. The 3 Siren System which consists of Evacuation, Lockdown, and All Clear suits Schools, University Campus and TAFE Colleges best.

The 4 Siren System which consists of Evacuation, Lockdown, All Clear and Alert is best for Commercial sites where danger may be different. 

One can still customise either version in their tones, volumes, and sounds as well as additional Siren Stations, Beacons, and Control Panels.

Siren Station

Siren Station for the WiLAS Wireless Alarm System

The WiLAS Siren Station is the very core of the safety and efficiency promises of Hazavoid. The Station has a battery backup as well as the possibility to be powered via solar panels. 

Created to be fully wireless, the Station can be mounted in any desirable location. Users have the option to either Wall Mount or Pole Mount the system, depending on preferences and locations. 

Users can relocate the Siren Stations and place them in secure locations, for only a few people to access. Each Station comes with dual siren horns that users can spread out up to 10 meters apart for convenience.

The Secured Encrypted Coding allows for safe product use with no danger of viruses or external threats.

Outdoor and Indoor Sirens

Outdoor Alarm for the WiLAS Wireless Alarm System

Hazavoid provides the most complete and reliable system, with as many options as possible. The WiLAS System provides two types of Sirens for safety and ease: Outdoor Sirens and Indoor Sirens

The Outdoor Sirens connect directly to the Siren Station and provide High-Volume alerts. Created to be as easy and fitting as possible, users can choose to mount them to a pole with our available Pole Mounting Kit. If not preferable, the sirens also come with built-in mounting brackets. The Outdoor Sirens create alerts using distinct tones of choice, and can also have “voice-overs” as needed.

The Indoor Sirens are suitable for Low-Volume alerts, within building settings. Two solutions are available to best fit the interior needs: Flush-mounted and Surface-mounted.

Flush Mount Indoor Alarms suit cavities and ceilings since they fit inside of those areas.

Flush-mounted Alarm for the WiLAS Wireless Alarm System

Surface Mount Indoor Alarms imply the System is fixed on top of an existing surface. An optional Indoor Speaker Booster is also available for a higher volume level. 

Surface-mounted Alarm for the WiLAS Wireless Alarm System

Both Sirens Types complement each other greatly. This created an all-around efficient and worry-less approach to safety. 

Wireless Beacon Station – indoor or outdoor warning beacon system

Users have the option to add a beacon station to their system. For instance, if the area cannot have loud noises or that people who will not respond to a sound signal are present. The beacon station connects to any Siren Station or Remote Control nearby. There are three different LED colors: Amber for Lockdown, Red for Evacuation and Green for All Clear. The colours conform to Australian Standards AS2220 requirements for Emergency Alerts.

The Beacon System is a great accessory to the WiLAS System but it cannot replace it. The unit works both indoors and outdoors but is not resistant to the weather. Users can mount the beacon module on a wall or a ceiling to fit their needs best.

Wireless Activation Point Panel – fixed activation system

For more ease and flexibility, one can use a Wireless Activation Panel.

It is resistant to the weather, uses battery power, and is low cost. It is ideal for sites where there is a need for a control panel for additional sirens.

Wireless Control Panel – fixed activation system

This Wireless Control Panel can activate the WiLAS System and uses either a wall or pole mount. Similar to a standard Siren Station, it comes with sirens, mountings brackets and cables. It is more complete than the Wireless Activation Point Panel. This means users should install it on sites where only authorised personnel can access it.

Solar Charging System

At sites where there is not enough power (below 240AC), it is possible to use solar panels to charge the battery of the Siren Station.

This System suits outdoor settings as it operates with a weatherproof cable to connect the panel to the Siren Station.

Different Variation

The WiLAS System also exists as a portable version. It remains cost competitive and is ideal for emergency situations with no proper structure. This can be essential to minimise risks in fast-paced environments. It is easy to transport, set up, and use because of its format and charge capacity.

One can use a mains outlet or a car to power the Portable Siren System. Although more compact, the solution still provides as much safety and sound quality for your alert needs.

Wall Plaques – site procedure notices for schools

Primary and Secondary schools will receive 10 A4 wall plaques for every WiLAS System purchased. This will allows users to understand the tines and procedures better. It is also possible to use a marker pen to write down the Safety Officer of the site and Evacuation Points during Emergency.

There is also the option to purchase plaques if the school requires more than 10.

WiLAS Specifications

  • CPU
    Microcontroller, 10Mhz, 32 KB Flash
  • Control Method
    Stored program
  • Speaker output
    3 x Outputs with 100w
  • Digital Input (Factory option)
    5 x Digital Inputs (3.3V-12V level)
  • Digital Output (Factory option)
    6 x Digital Outputs (12V, 1.4A), 1 x TTL 3.3V Output
  • USB Audio Program Port (Factory)
    10pin Connector
  • Programming Port (Factory)
    10pin Connector
  • Communication Port
    RS232 Serial Port, 3 pin cable connector
  • Operating Frequency*
    433.40 MHz
  • RF Power Output*
  • Nominal Range (To another Control Station)
    300m (line of sight), 150m to handheld remotes
  • Data Transmission Security
    Encrypted with 32bit pseudo-random key
  • Enclosure Material (Wall Mounted)
    1.5mm Steel, colour RAL 7035
    (Stainless Steel optional)
  • Internal Battery
    12V 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid
  • Battery Charging Input
    19V – 30V DC, 16V – 20V AC (plug pack supplied)
  • Solar Panel Input
    12V – 30V DC (5w – 100w) (optional)
  • Standby Time (Without alarm activation)
    Approx 500 Hours
  • Mass (Complete Control Station assembly)
    Approx 10KG (6.5kg without battery)
  • Operating Temperature
    -20oC to +65oC
  • Environmental Rating (enclosure)
  • Configuration Software
    Windows XP to Windows 10

Costs and Prices of the Wireless Alarm System

Hazavoid’s mission is to create accessible and lasting peace of mind for schools and professionals. Because of this, discounts are available for bulk purchases at already highly competitive prices and freight rates. 

This also means no user should worry about costs, fees, or maintenance after the original installation. Financing Plans may also be available and are subject to approval. 


Our specialists engage themselves in giving you the best solution for your needs. This means they will help you every step of the way. There are 3 steps to designing the best WiLAS System for your site.

First Step: Determining what Wireless Alarm System model you need

There are two models, the standard 3 tones and the custom 4 tones. The first option has two standard tones: Evacuation and Lockdown, and a third All Clear Tone. The second option comes with Evacuation, Lockdown and a third custom tone of choice. It also provides a standard All Clear tone as the fourth option. This means you do not need to pay more if your needs are more standard, but also that you can personalise your system if the situation is appropriate.

Second Step: Determining the number of Wireless Alarm System and locations

There are many factors behind this step. Not one site is the same and therefore Systems will be different and adapt for each case. Some key points to consider are the areas to cover, the distance between buildings, the availability of 240VAC power sources, the surrounding noises, and the location of personnel. There are many ways to determine what will fit best such as using satellite maps or doing a site audit. Our team can assist you by relocating and changing the system to find the best situation for you. Depending on the area, the location, construction material, and vegetation can each have different effects on the outcome. Having a staff member help you can eliminate this worry. Sirens arrive with a full charge, this allows users to trial them directly before committing to one location.

Third Step: Determining the number and type of remote controls

Apart from the two kinds of Wireless Remote Controls, there is the option to complement the System. Two additional solutions exist:

  • A remote control panel on a wall mount, which uses battery power
  • A Siren Control Station mounted remote control panel, which uses mains, battery or solar power.

Operating WiLAS

Network Security

Every System is unique with its own encrypted code. This means the whole System connects together easily without interferences, and that not hacking is possible. Because of this, multiple WiLAS Systems can function at the same time and in the same site without hindering the other.

Network Licenses

The WiLAS System does not require a license, making it even easier to use. This is because the network is low frequency (433\mhz range) and will not cause interferences with other systems.


The system works with a simple On and Off button. Users should always keep one remote as a Master for security in a safe place. Since the System is fully personalisable, it is possible to order more controls to fit your needs and areas.

The WiLAS System is developed in Australia, with an eco-conscious and local approach. The solution provides users with the ability to integrate it with any existing fire and Security Alert System. This avoids any conflict or compromises in safety and ease of usage. Hazavoid engages itself to partner with installers. 

Hazavoid is a specialist in Wireless Security Systems and WiLAS suits all relevant AU/NZ standards. The System also promises a high IP rating. With an interactive website, Inventis Technology ensures clear and complete information on its products. 

The WiLAS system has a 12 Month Warranty, and engaged account managers, as well as customer service teams. This will ensure an accessible experience for all. Systems come with free product literature which includes an installation and a user guide.

Wireless Alarm SystemWith low maintenance, full customer service, and advanced technologies, the WiLAS System is the most complete safety solution for all fields.