About Us

Innovative and reliable, fully wireless Alert Siren & Beacon Solutions

Who We Are

Hazavoid is an Inventis Technology brand, situating itself under the “Wireless Warning Solutions” branch. Since 1985, Inventis Technology has been focusing on creating solutions that not only fit within current needs, but that also constantly evolve to be a leading Australian technology designer and provider. From everyday life circumstances to niche technical concerns, Inventis aims to combine innovative technologies with sturdy and reliable materials. What first started as the invention of the safety cut-out switch for the domestic steam iron, became the basis of innovation, quality, and value that the company brought onto the technology market later on. From expanding functionality to creating value entirely, it is our intent to fill the gap, no matter the applications or the field of expertise. Following a rebranding, EAS became Hazavoid. This was done with the aim to reach a wider audience and create a dialogue for more to be involved and heard. In doing so, we hope to continuously create solutions that both protect and inspire. Our focus is always to keep both people and places safe, as much as possible. We pride ourselves on bringing Australian innovation and spirit to the international scene. By cultivating a culture of flexibility and clear communication with our products, it is our hope to convey these same values to the market we situate ourselves in. 

Who We Were

EAS, also known as Emergency Alert Systems, was established in 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Throughout the years, the brand grew in popularity based on the quality and innovation delivered throughout the Australian security scene. Placing the people first, instead of simply the technology, has always been our priority. Creating solutions then, that enable and assist the individual, became EAS’ reason for being. Following Inventis Technology’s original success, the EAS brand grew and established itself in over a decade as a fundamental constituent of safety in the Australian market, from schools to warehouses.

EAS is now Hazavoid, to assist in furthering our message, and creating more utility out of not only our products but our brand as a whole. The testimonials and feedback we received over the years, not only allowed us to further ameliorate our products and services but also understand what we were doing correctly. Today, it is our hope to continue being the basis behind safer living and working conditions, by nurturing the trust our current users have in us and cultivating new connections around the world. 

What We Do

Hazavoid prides itself in supplying fully wireless emergency warning solutions for both indoors and outdoors settings. Utilising visual cues and audio signaling, the Hazavoid solutions are a one-stop to deliver safety for all involved. 

The brand situates itself at the intersection of legacy and continuous evolution. By enabling one, without constricting the other, we created a trajectory that is unique to us. Deconstructing the hierarchy and struggles between technology and people, we provide ways to better navigate day-to-day activities:

  • Siren tones and voice-overs – Providing both tones and voice-overs can drastically reduce both confusion and reaction time. May it be to simply inform or to alert, our Hazavoid solutions can help you communicate clearly and loudly. Use it for its intended safety alert purposes or as a PA System as well, to avoid additional costs and complicated installations. 
  • Wireless activation – Hazavoid systems are fully wireless to provide both ease of use and fast activation in stressful situations. 
  • Strobe lights – Providing visual cues as needed, to cater to different situations, locations and needs. 
  • Battery backup – Allows for peace of mind and continuous protection, no matter what. 
  • Solar panels – Option for solar panel power in order to align with different infrastructures, climates and budgets .
  • Economical – Delivering quality at a cost-friendly price point to ensure safety always remains a priority. 
  • Scalable – Easily start at any size, from one system to multiple, and scale up or down as necessary. Create the perfect network for your zone of concern.
  • Fully customisable – Users can easily choose and change the way the systems deliver messages. From different tones, custom music to flash patterns. May it be for one device or multiple.
  • Easy – The Hazavoid Systems were designed to be easy to use, even without training. Using the remote control, your entire zone of concern can be secured with the push of a button. 
  • Customer service – Our trained team of professionals will assist you every step of the way to ensure you receive the solution most adapted to your needs before, during and after installation.
  • Duty of care – No matter the field of expertise or the environment, duty of care is an integral part of society. Let us help you protect your surroundings.

The Hazavoid Difference

Hazavoid delivers proven quality and evolution throughout time. Our aim is to provide users with a solution adaptable to all their needs, without compromising on their expectations. We differentiate ourselves by supplying real solutions for real people. Our systems are fully customisable, from the scale to the signaling details, in order to design unique systems for each individual. This is enabled by our team assessing every aspect of your concerns, and acknowledging no situation ever stays still. As your needs change and grow, so will your Hazavoid solutions. Today, Hazavoid has a track record of producing design breakthroughs that increase safety, add value, and lower costs. One of our unique differentiators is our attention to detail. By fully understanding the contextual concerns our users have, giving them peace of mind becomes an obvious choice. An instance of this is our unique security codes, featured in each system. This particular aspect ensures that system activation never interferes with other devices. Not only does it highlight ease of access for all by creating direct usage with no confusion, but it also further reinforces the sense of safety and security we aim to provide, at any time and anywhere.

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