Hazavoid Wireless Beacon Alarm System

WiLERT – Beacon System Overview

The WiLERT system is an Australian Made Wireless Beacon Alarm System created for easy signaling and safety. For everyday communication, or for immediate dangers, the Wireless Alert System will give you peace of mind. Some people prefer clear visual instructions, others need them because of their work. Regardless, WiLERT aims to keep everyone as safe and protected as possible.

Features and Advantages

The WiLERT System works without any cables. This means it is possible to place your Beacon System wherever your needs are. Users can place beacons where they will see them the easiest. Between the choice of walls, polls, cranes, or panels, the beacons are a multi-use innovation.

The system suits any location, at any time of the day and night. This is also ensured by the battery backup as well as the solar power option. The wireless function offers ease and personalisation throughout your entire experience. Since there is no central master control panel, and instead Wireless Activation Solutions, users can avoid direct danger. In stressful or pressed times, it may be difficult to think rationally. The WiLERT System alleviates some of this burden.

Components of the Wireless Beacon Alarm System

The Beacons

The beacons, the core of the system, are usually available in the standard Red or Amber colors LEDs. However, users can also choose between Blue and Green LEDs, to fit their needs better.

The WiLERT System is similar to the WiLAS System because the two wireless systems use a network code, a Hazavoid specialty. All Beacons using the same security network code will activate at the same time. This ensures a reliable message and added precautions. Similarly, all Beacons will turn off at the same time.

Although different colors can appear less vibrant than red, the quality and safety insurance remains the same. Beacons will flash and rotate at the same time, this means they will be efficient and communicate, no matter your preferred color.

The Wireless Remote Control For Manual Use

The WiLERT System can be activated using a Wireless Remote Control. This means anyone with authorisation can use the Beacons whenever they believe they need them.

For more general and immediate use, users can also manually activate Beacons on push-buttons mounted on a wall or a bollard. The Wireless Remote Control comes with three lights on it: Green, Orange and Red.

The Green light means users are within the 200-meter perimeter and can trigger the system. The Orange light means the Battery is low and needs to be either charged with solar panels or changed. The Red light means the Remote is too far from the WiLERT Beacon Alarm System to activate.

The Wireless Detection Activation

Beacons can activate automatically as well, which is easier for many workers during their day-to-day tasks. The Wireless Automatic Activation can detect both People and Machines.

This is possible because of Infrared Photo Beams. Placing the sensors in key areas and sites allows for constant surveillance. The moment someone or something approaches the fixed point while on, the Beacons will automatically create a clear signal.

It is also possible to use detection radars or pressure pads to start the system. To turn off the Beacons without a Remote Control, one can use Infra-Red Beams to signal the end of a danger zone. There is also a function to pre-set the time of use. Once this session times out with no new trigger, the Beacons will turn off.

Locations and Applications

WiLERT adapts to many sites and situations to offer constant peace of mind. It is suitable to factories, warehouses, loading docks, distribution centres, and temporary worksites. As well as any site with no available 240AC power using solar panels.

The Beacons warn both pedestrians and vehicles, in different settings to ensure ongoing safety.

Costs and Prices of the Wireless Beacon Alarm System

Hazavoid’s mission is to create accessible and lasting peace of mind for employers and employees. Because of this, discounts are available for bulk purchases at already highly competitive prices and freight rates. 

This also means no user should worry about costs, fees, or maintenance after the original installation. Financing Plans may also be available and are subject to approval. 


The WiLERT solution is developed in Australia with an eco-conscious and local approach. Users can design and personnalise their WiLERT Beacons System as much as they want.

There are only 4 easy steps of the process to designing your system to fit different situations as best as possible.

First Step of the Beacon Alarm System

The first step is to determine where the Beacons need to be placed, and how many. Our aim is to offer you the best product that also fits your budget. WiLERT is modular, so users only have to buy what they will need.

Second Step of the Beacon Alarm System

The second step is to determine if one needs repeaters. Smaller areas will not need a repeater since the Wireless Control Remote covers up to 200 meters of range. Larger areas may need repeaters to provide the safest and most reliable service. Repeaters can be strategically placed on a wall or a pole for peace of mind. Before adding any Repeaters, staff members and installers will help you design the perfect solution for your needs and location by changing the positions of the sirens.

Third Step of the Beacon Alarm System

The third step is to determine the number and type of activation solutions. Other than the Wireless Remote Control, users can choose between two options. One is a Remote Control Panel using battery power. The other is a control panel using mains power. Both have a wall mount for ease of use.

Fourth Step of the Beacon Alarm System

The last step is to choose the color of the LED for the Beacon. This all depends on the message users need to share. The Red and Amber Colors suit factories and construction sites best. They are both clear signals of potential danger. Amber indicates to be careful, whereas Red means to Stop immediately. Green and Blue LEDs are also available for other situations and messages.

Operating WiLERT

Network Security

Every System is unique with its own encrypted code. This means the whole System connects together easily without interferences, and that not hacking is possible. Because of this, multiple WiLERT Systems can function at the same time and in the same site without hindering the other.

Network Licenses

The WiLERT System does not require a license, making it even easier to use. This is because the network is low frequency (433\mhz range) and will not cause interferences with other systems.


The system works with a simple On and Off button. Users should always keep one remote as a Master for security in a safe place. Since the System is fully personalisable, it is possible to order more controls to fit your needs and areas.

Users will have help and support every step of the day to create the perfect WiLERT solution for their needs. The account managers and customer service teams engage themselves to assist you even after your purchase, to provide you with the best and safest service.