Theme Park Applications


Hazavoid is the World Leading Wireless Emergency Alert System and an Inventis Technology Registered Trademark. The products created follow the idea of avoiding hazards as much as possible. One cannot predict everything, but allowing for better awareness is the first step towards safety, especially during stressful situations. Although the Hazavoid technology is developed for many versatile challenges, it remains reliable for day-to-day uses such as many theme park applications.

Features and Advantages

The Hazavoid Systems ensure reliable safety and ease of usage, regardless of the situation. In order to provide this peace of mind, all systems (Hazavoid Wireless Alarm System and the Hazavoid Wireless Alert Beacon System) have a backup battery as well as solar pannels-powered options.

The Systems activate easily within 200 meters using a portable remote control for quick access and risk mitigation.

Hazavoid is your trustworthy partner to reach your workplace safety goals and ensure full protection for your entire zone of concern.

Theme Park Applications

There are many ways to utilise Hazavoid systems to the best of their abilities. Because no zone of concern is the same, our team of trained professionals will determine the best way to protect your area, inside out. The solutions can fit within older infrastructures and previous systems to avoid unnecessary and expensive changes. This also allows for users to easily customise the systems in various aspects.

Doing this provides an almost endless amount of possibilities for communication and precautions as both the tones and the beacon lights can change.

Theme Parks are both large in size and overstimulating in every aspect. From young children to older people coming as customers, there are many people there at all times of the day. The nighttime is often the most dangerous as it becomes harder to see, and the park is at its loudest. Moreover, power loss can occur due to the amount of energy used to run parks. A roller coaster may simply slow down and stop working without danger. However, this would mean an entire area would have no safety with a regular alarm system that requires a power supply.

Custom Tones for the Hazavoid Wireless Alarm System




One can use WiLAS (pictured above) as a PA System for general announcements. It is then possible to have the solution both inform and alert, which can be essential in situations of low awareness. For safety purposes, one can carry around a remote in order to activate the nearest system whenever needed. This can be done to alert that this location is a zone of concern. Systems can either create a chain reaction or be grouped together. Being able to customise tones and music truly enables the solution to fit a certain scenario or environment more easily. Here then, it is easy to create a safe zone in case of an accident or to start an evacuation for the entire park.

Custom Colours for the Hazavoid Wireless Alert Beacon System

Hazavoid Beacons for the WiLERT Sytem for School Applications

The Hazavoid Wireless Alert Beacon System offers four different colours (Red, Amber, Blue, and Green) to fit most situations. In cases of sensory overload, LEDs can indicate danger or lack thereof in better ways than tones and alarms can. Creating reliable and adequate training for staff can allow for easy directing and less panic.

Using beacons, one can choose either sensors or remote controls. Beacons and sensors would allow for a zone to remain safe even without a trained worker around. This can be especially helpful around open water or dangerous rides. If for instance a young child enters a zone and enters the area of concern, a light can start flashing in order to alert others. It is also possible to carry a remote and activate the beacons as a need arises. Either to keep a long queue organised before a ride or to warn of danger. The flexibility of the colours and the device locations truly offers a versatile solution, not only to inform but also to alert.

Hazavoid is your cost-friendly safety solution for most Theme Park Applications to alert and protect.